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Reveal Your Feminine Power!

A retreat of five days over two weekends in the nature and calm.

Perhaps your relationship with your femininity hasn’t always been easy. Perhaps there are still some hidden wounds in you.

Or maybe you find it difficult to reveal your true beauty. You lack in self-confidence and you don’t really know what is right for you.

You’ve had enough of hiding. Behind the pounds, and the dull outfits, the lack of self-assurance.

You would like to illuminate your face, and to feel good within your body. To express all your femininity at work and in your relationships. To dare to use your charm and sensuality.

Reveal Your Feminine Power!

Come and find your style, discover your colors, become aware of your qualities, your wonderful talents as a woman, regain your self-confidence, assure yourself and feel good in your feminine energy.

Reveal Your Feminine Power!

During the five days we will spend together, we will discuss the following concepts:

  • Self-image
  • Colors
  • Materials
  • Cuts and shapes
  • Make-up
  • Accessories
  • Self-love
  • Personal and professional relationships
  • Communication
  • Sexuality
  • The body through movement

We will work on:

  • the influence of culture and genealogy
  • obsolete and limiting beliefs
  • emotions and possible wounds
  • feminine and masculine energies

You will discover and be able to practice certain techniques at ease, completely naturally, easy to use at home and truly effective. Such as:

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which uses acupressure points to revitalize the body and mind
  • Energetic cleansing
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Family constellations
  • Visualizations
  • Positive affirmations
  • Dancing freely that allows the body to liberate itself from accumulated tensions
  • Image coaching (work on personal evolution of your appearance)
  • Bach Flowers (the floral elixirs discovered by Dr. E. Bach that transform negative emotions into positive attitudes or feelings)
  • Olfactotherapy (the science of odors)
  • Lithotherapy (the use of stones on a daily basis)

Dates to be confirmed

Sequence of days:

Day 1: "Closing the Past"
Day 2: "Feeling Beautiful and Feminine"
Day 3: "In the Power of her Sacred Feminine"
Day 4: "Femininity in Everyday Life"
Day 5: "Opening up to the Future"


29 rue Anatole France
78350 Jouy-en-Josas

For those coming from far away and would like a place to stay, you have the possibility to reserve the following nearby accommodation:

There is also the possibility of car-sharing from Saint Quentin en Yvelines. Make the request at contact@chrysalidefrance.com



  • payment in one go: 475 euros
  • or in stages: reservation cheque of 95 euros and 5 installments of 80 euros

Members of family:

  • in one go: 760 euros
  • reservation cheque of 190 euros and 5 installments of 116 euros

With a friend:

  • in one go: 820 euros (410 each)
  • or 2 reservation cheques of 95 euros and 2 x 4 cheques of 80 euros

To Register

Contact Geneviève Prono

IMPORTANT: A minimum of 6 participants is needed, but a maximum of 10 people are accepted, in order for the workshops to benefit all. Chrysalide France reserves the right to postpone or cancel the workshop if the number of participants is not sufficient. A waiting list will be opened if the maximum number of participants is reached.

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