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Oil massages

with Altearah products

Taylored massages using Altearah bio products.

Altearah Bio has developed a tailor-made treatment method based on the virtues of aromatherapy, olfactotherapy and chromotherapy.

Composed of 100% natural essential oils, the certified organic products are available in 14 colourful emotions, 14 highly active and inspiring treatments for body and mind.

Oil massages

The following 5 Signature Massages, 4 Seasonal Massages, Personalized Massages and Energy Healing Sessions are offered by Geneviève Prono, who has been trained and certified by Altearah Bio.

Location : 29 avenue Saint Jérôme - 13100 Aix-en-Provence

For appointments and questions : Geneviève Prono
06 10 05 87 73


Signature Massage : 79€
All 5 Signature Massages package : 345€ (instead of 395€)

Original Altearah Bio creations, the 5 Signature Massages allow for in depth specific actions in a targeted way on the physiological, emotional and energetic systems.

They combine aromatherapy (essential oils), chromotherapy (colors), olfactotherapy and oleotherapy.

Emerald Massage : Oxygen and Freedom

Oil massages

This massage will help you come back to yourself, oxygenate your mind and regenerate your energy.

Rhythmic massage. Slow, relaxing and structuring gestures. Inspired by the Lemniscate massage, its movement in eight and its circular stretches.

Royal Purple Massage : Deep energy

This massage will help clear and loosen weight and tension, gather strength, strengthen anchorage and grounding.

Massage in lateral posture, work by pressing on the meridians and the energy line. Inspired by Chinese and Japanese energy techniques, especially shiatsu.

Orange Massage : Sensuality, Creativity and Thinning

This massage will help you awaken, regain confidence, vitality and dynamism.

Dynamic, enveloping and sculpting massage. Inspired by biodynamic and psycho-bodily techniques

White Massage : Purety and Detox

This massage purifies, regenerates the body and the mind, and helps you regain a global harmony.

Subtle progressive massage, accentuated on the skull, upper body and extremities.
Inspired by the energetic version of the centres of force, related to the endocrine system.

Turquoise Massage : Serenity and anti-stress

This massage helps you let go, regain tranquility, confidence and fluidity.

Comprehensive and meticulous massage, draining, stretching, sculpting. Inspired by ancient Ayurvedic and Taoist techniques.

Seasonal Massages

Seasonal massage : 79€
3 massages package : 210€


The aim of this massage is to help you breathe fully, to cleanse and purify your body, to open up to new perspectives with optimism, dynamism and serenity.


The aim of this massage is to help you regain lightness, anchor your energy and ensure good circulation, rediscovering mental calm and subtle communication with yourself and others.


Hip-abdomen slimming care, localized thinning. Clean and refocus your energy to manage your personal resources. Toning and stimulating the ability to digest, assimilate and eliminate physically and psycho-emotionally.


This massage will help you maintain balance and focus with energy and vitality to end the annual cycle in style. It will bring you inner warmth to face the harshness of winter and support your immunity.


Session : 85€
5 sessions package : 399€

The Altearah Bio care protocols act on all dimensions of the being.

The Colour-Emotions sessions with Altearah products are personalized.

They include :

  • a welcome and debriefing time, where we will work together to determine your needs at the time of the session, through the use of words and a blind choice of colours (from the 14).
  • an olfactory sequence with the fragrance of the chosen colour
  • a massage specific to essential oils, meeting your needs
  • rest time and follow-up recommendation