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  • Parenting
  • Women and Well Being
  • Transforming your life
  • Relationships
  • The professional arena

Altearah products : Healthcare Organic Perfumes and Oils

  • Oil massages
    Taylored massages using Altearah bio products. Altearah Bio has developed a tailor-made treatment method based on the virtues of aromatherapy, olfactotherapy and chromotherapy. Composed of 100% lire la suite

  • Healthcare: Organic Perfumes and Oils
    Chrysalide France is a distributor of Altearah Bio products.

  • Reveal Your Feminine Power!
    A retreat of five days over two weekends in the nature and calm.

  • Create the life of your dreams!
    Throughout the course of these workshops, you will be able to access the keys to make your deepest dreams come true in your life. These workshops will allow you to free and heal yourself from lire la suite

  • Discovering the chakras
    Discovering and balancing the seven chakras and their associated chakras to up-level and align your life, body, heart, mind and Soul.

    You are facing a difficult time in your life: the implementation of a project, a divorce, the death of a close relation, the diagnosis of a disease, a reorganization in your company, lire la suite

    From the desire of a child to conscious parenting Around birth Communicating with your children / teenagers