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You are facing a difficult time in your life: the implementation of a project, a divorce, the death of a close relation, the diagnosis of a disease, a reorganization in your company, unemployment, or a more vague period of ill-being, the need to draw up the balance sheet and to redefine the future.

Chrysalide France will offer you personalized support through coaching and holistic therapy.

New to coaching try out this five week package!

Feeling overwhelmed with your life? Going through some major turn around like becoming a parent for the first time, facing a divorce, a career change, a relocation to another country? Stuck with a dream you have been postponing for months or even years?

If you would like to make these transitions smoothly with someone at your side, don’t hesitate to invest in coaching and try out this five week package with Geneviève Prono.

Geneviève blends coaching, therapy and energetic healing to help you discover who you truly are while connecting you to your deep inner ressources.

She gets you out of confusion, pain and lack and brings you back to the state of joy, enthousiasm, strengh and inspired action that is your birth right.

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