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Genevieve Prono

The atypical journey of a passionate woman.

Genevieve PronoIt is through an atypical journey rich in experiences and discoveries that I became whom I am today: a woman, mother, coach, holistic psychotherapist, facilitator, trainer, consultant, author and speaker.

This journey was marked, first, by my travels : 15 years of expatriation in countires like Morocco and Algeria, the United States, the United Kingdom, Iraq and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and some cities in France (Aix-en-Provence, Paris and Paris region, Reims, Cambrai, Nantes and Vannes) and the visit of numerous countries scattered in all the continents except South America (lack I hope to fill very soon).

Other main threads: pedagogy, communication and multicultural. I began my career as an English and French as foreign languages teacher then I spent a few years in the corporate world (Air France, E.S.D.et Thales S.A) in the human resources and the training department thus developing my knowledge of the corporate world from the inside.

The births of my first three children by caesarian as well as the "obstacle race" which allowed me to give birth to three following ones by VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian) are the starting point of my vocation as a therapist and a coach.

In parallel with my work in the corporate world, I began, 25 years ago, to help women and men at a key moment of their life : entering parenthood all along the pregnancy, the birth and the first years of their child (ren).

I was a La Leche League Leader from 1988 untill 2005. In parallel with the facilitation of meetings and the phone support, I occupied various coordinator and management positions both in France and at the international level.

Having created and facilitated, during several years, a list of discussion, information and support of the women who had one or several caesarian, I founded in 2005, a non-profit organization called Césarine on the same model as La Leche League. I was president for some time before leaving this baby to my associates.

I also had the privilege to co-found another non-profit organization called Doulas de France and was one of the co-presidents.