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Create the life of your dreams!

A new cycle of workshops in 2017

Throughout the course of these workshops, you will be able to access the keys to make your deepest dreams come true in your life. These workshops will allow you to free and heal yourself from anything preventing you from creating your ideal life and fulfilling your dreams.

Create the life of your dreams!

This cycle consisting of five days spaced within five months (one per month) aims to promote the integration and the evolution of personal and collective work.

A follow-up day is scheduled to take place a few months after the fifth workshop of the cycle, in order to review, reaffirm, or adapt your visions, objectives, and to celebrate successes.

There is also the possibility of pairing up this cycle of collective workshops with individual coaching.

Create the life of your dreams!

If your current life, or one of its aspects: professional, sentimental, familial, financial, health, friendships, social, or developing your potential, no longer suits you. If you dream of a life different from the one you have today. If you feel you are not on the right path and feel dissatisfied or frustrated. Then this cycle of workshops is for you.

"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird, that cannot fly."

  • Langston Hughes

These workshops allow you to view your life globally. The following areas of your life are addressed in particular:

  • Affectionate life

Create the life of your dreams!

  • Financial

  • Professional

  • Health

and all other areas appropriate for you.

You will be able to understand and apply, step by step, whilst being guided by the universal laws, such as the law of attraction, the law of emergence, the law of gratitude, or the law of unity.

Each of the workshops is based on group dynamics, the sharing of experiences, and personal work.

You will develop through the use of, tools that you will learn to use, reflective work, and concrete exercises of learning and application.

The Basic Formula

The Basic formula of the Cycle "Create the live of your dreams with universal laws" consists of:

  • Talent Dynamics profiling system
  • Scale of wealth test
  • 5 days of group workshops over 5 months
  • a group follow-up day after a few months

The Plus Formula

The Plus formula of the Cycle "Create the live of your dreams with universal laws" consists of:

  • Talent Dynamics profiling system
  • Scale of wealth test
  • 5 days of group workshops over 5 months
  • a group follow-up day after a few months
  • 5 hours of coaching - distributed as half-hour slots each session

Some points to be covered:

  • Presentation of the universal laws
  • Assessment: wheel of domains
  • Understanding who we are
  • Discovering real needs
  • Defining what you want
  • Drawing a global vision
  • First statements
  • Identify and transform negative patterns, thoughts and beliefs
  • Revealing and healing inner wounds
  • Posture, state of mind and vibration
  • Visualizations and affirmations
  • Highlight possible patterns and close the past
  • Emotions and the body
  • Define the type of experience you want
  • Open up to and prepare for healthy relationships
  • Health and illness: Beliefs and Prejudices
  • State of mind and actions
  • Finding your dreams
  • Understanding your areas of excellence
  • Defining your mission an vision
  • Creating a professional future
  • Concepts of abundance and insufficiency
  • Assessment: financial profile
  • Re-positioning your financial thermostat

During the days of the workshops, lunch is eaten together in a nearby restaurant to encourage the cohesion of the group. From 8 euros to 20 euros -depending on the meal

Moments of workshops through images:
Creating vision boards:

Vision board and line of action from one participant:


Dates to be confirmed


The Basic Formula:

  • payment in one go: 580 euros (members) / 630 euros (non-members)
  • or gradually: 6 payments of 98 euros (members) / 110 euros (non-members)

The Plus Formula:

  • payment in one go: 880 euros -members (instead of 930 euros) / 930 euros -non-members (instead of 980 euros)
  • or gradually: 10 payments of 90 euros (members) / 95 euros (non-members)

For more information, to register, or to create a workshop cycle in your area, contact Geneviève Prono.

IMPORTANT: A minimum of 6 participants is needed, but a maximum of 10 people are accepted, in order for the workshops to benefit all. Chrysalide France reserves the right to postpone or cancel the workshop if the number of participants is not sufficient. A waiting list will be opened if the maximum number of participants is reached.

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