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Co-author of “My Paris Story- Living, Loving and Leaping without a net in the City of Light”}

You’ve sung the tunes in your head, you’ve seen it come alive in films, you’ve often dreamed about it. Now the time has come to read the real stories from real women who took the leap to transform their lives in the most dreamed about city in the world.

My Paris Story is the much-anticipated anthology that combines the stories of twenty-two authors from around the globe who have made their dreams come true. It is the result of harnessing the extraordinary creative energy of an exuberant, passionate, and motivated group of women who actually did pick up everything and take the leap to follow their hearts’ desires in the City of Light.

Transforming their lives with real purpose, lofty goals, and a good dose of dreams, each author shares her secrets, challenges, exhilarations, disappointments, and victories of living, loving, raising a family, starting a business, and succeeding as an entrepreneur and businesswoman in the mythical city of Paris.

Co-author of Finding Fulfilment in the Spiritual Age :

FINDING FULFILLMENT IN THE SPIRITUAL AGE is a compilation of tips, advice, inspiration, and stories from women who are teaching others through their past awakenings how to live in this new age (the Spiritual Age).

Author of the forecoming book :

"From one birth to the other : healing from cesarean and preparing for VBAC" (Vaginal BIrth After Cesarean)